SubC Solutions AS



SubC Solutions is a provider of technical solutions, product development, manufacturing, engineering and test services covering several application areas. In addition to development and qualification of new solutions and products, SubC Solutions perform all kind of studies and consultancy work for customers, research projects and others. SubC Solutions has offices and workshops in Bergen, Drammen and Trondheim. Despite challenging times under Covid-19 pandemic, SubC Solutions is expanding our organisation.

We are seeking students for part time work and summer internships in Trondheim.

SubC Solutions are looking for eager young talents with some experience with electronic PCB development and software programming on various systems such as micro controllers and Labview for example.

Generally, students with experience from multi-discipline activities like Formula students or other highly creative project are preferred, but all relevant experience is appreciated and will be considered.

We perform assembly and testing of various subsea electronic equipment for subsea installations. Good workmanship and patience are essential qualities for work involving subsea mechanical and electrical equipment. Experience in mechanical design and manufacturing is also useful, since we manufacture equipment needed for qualification and delivery testing ourselves.

Our Trondheim office is located at Sluppen, 2 km / 10-minute bike ride from Gløshaugen. The offices are modern and includes electronic lab and mechanical workshop. Parking is free and we have indoor bike parking.

Please contact Hans Vaalund for further information.

Phone: (+47) 47 90 22 00